Uninstalling ngshare

If you installed ngshare using a helm chart, you can uninstall it there. Assuming your release is called ngshare:

# helm3
helm uninstall ngshare

# helm2
helm delete --purge ngshare

If you installed ngshare manually using pip, you may uninstall it there as well:

pip uninstall ngshare

Afterwards, be sure to also modify your Z2JH helm values or jupyterhub_config.py and remove ngshare as a service.

Please back up the database and user files before uninstalling, in case you need it. Read Notes for Administrators for more information.

Uninstalling ngshare_exchange

You may uninstall ngshare using pip:

pip uninstall ngshare_exchange

Be sure to modify the nbgrader_config.py file and remove references to ngshare_exchange, so you can continue using nbgrader normally.