Intalling as an Unmanaged Service

WARNING: This is for advanced configurations only. Unless you wish to run ngshare in a different environment than the hub, or have very specific proxying setups, you should not be using this guide.

This guide assumes you already have a JupyterHub environment setup. You will need to manage ngshare separately as a service, and ensure it and the hub can communicate with one another.

Installing ngshare

Mocking Required Environment Variables

ngshare gets some configurations from the hub via environment variables. To run ngshare, you will need to mock these variables. You should at least set the following:

JUPYTERHUB_API_TOKEN should be a unique, secret token (such as one generated using openssl rand -hex 32). This should be the same token specified in JupyterHub’s config.

JUPYTERHUB_API_URL should point to the hub API, such as Make sure this endpoint is accessible to ngshare.

JUPYTERHUB_SERVICE_PREFIX is the prefix under which ngshare operates, with a leading and trailing slash. JupyterHub will proxy requests from /services/your-service-name/, so this is usually /services/ngshare/ if the service name is ngshare.

JUPYTERHUB_SERVICE_URL is the URL that ngshare should be accessible on. For example, if ngshare has IP and you want ngshare to listen on port 1234, this should be Changing this will affect ngshare’s port.

Running ngshare

After configuring the environment variables, you may start ngshare as a service. You should also take a look at the list of command line arguments for further configuration.

Configuring JupyterHub

Inside JupyterHub’s configuration Python script, add the following:
        'name': 'ngshare',
        'url': 'http://ngshare-location:1234',
        'api_token': 'top-secret-api-token',

Make sure the url field points to ngshare, and the api_token is the same one specified as an environment variable to ngshare.

After you restart JupyterHub, you can verify the service is working as intended by logging into JupyterHub, clicking “Control Panel”, then “Services -> ngshare”. If you see the ngshare welcome page, you may proceed.

Installing ngshare_exchange

This will be largely the same as installing ngshare as a managed service. You only need to ensure the ngshare URL in is accessible by the spawned notebook servers.