Notes for Instructors

Make sure to read the following to understand how to manage courses with ngshare.

Course Creation

Only the administrators can create courses due to security concerns. Please contact your system administrator if you want to create a course. After they assign you as an instructor, you may manage the course roster and add more students to the course yourself.

Managing Students

Please use the ngshare-course-management tool when adding / removing students from a course. Do not use Formgrader’s interface to add students, since this does not update ngshare.

Configuring nbgrader

By default, nbgrader needs a config file that specifies a single course under c.CourseDirectory.course_id. However, the special course ID * may be used to specify all available courses. This should be enabled by default by the administrator. If this isn’t the case, you and all of your students must create a file called in their home directories with the following contents:

c.CourseDirectory.course_id = 'mycourseid'

Replace mycourseid with the ID of the course. Afterwards, restart the notebook server by clicking “Control Panel” on the main interface, then clicking “Stop Server” and then “Start Server”.

Using Formgrader

Formgrader does not support multiple classes, so you have to tell it which class you’re currently teaching by explicitly specifying a course ID in as mentioned above. The course ID may not be *. If you see an error when releasing the assignment about ngshare endpoint /assignments/* returned failure: Course not found, you haven’t specified a course ID explicitly.

If you’re teaching several different courses, you will have to change and use Formgrader to manage them one course at a time. You will have to restart your notebook server every time.

Students are not subject to this problem and can submit their assignments without a file in their home directory if c.CourseDirectory.course_id = '*' is specified globally in /etc/jupyter/